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Has the NDP been compromised by Cornwall Council? — 3 Comments

  1. Where did this info about Cornwall councils intention come from? I cannot find anything about it on Cornwall council web site. As a resident in Mylor bridge I am concerned as to the potential locations of this development and would welcome further updates.

    • The initial feeling that something was going on was when local residents became aware of an extensive survey going on a site at Saltbox Close, starting very early in the morning. On contacting the Parish Council we were assured they knew nothing about it. Subsequently this letter from Cornwall Council that someone has posted in the post office has now come into the public domain, hence our open letter on this website. The letter makes it obvious that at least some members of the PC were very aware of what was happening during the public consultation of the NDP which they authorised.

    • Hello Michael, thanks for getting in touch. We are not sure how it came to be in the post office window but it was written by an officer of CC and was part of agenda papers for the Parish Council’s meeting on 28 September. Its existence was referred to at that meeting, with members of the public present as observers (muted on Zoom). Its contents were not shared with the public then. It would be interesting to know the PC’s response to your question, if you would like to ask them? With best wishes, Jane Moss (member of the NDP steering group)

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