Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs have been put together to help answer questions about the Mylor Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). If you have questions we haven’t yet covered, please contact us

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

NDPs give communities power to create a plan that will shape the future of their local area up to 2030. An NDP includes: the public’s preferences for type and siting of new homes, including affordable homes; provision of shops, schools, and workplaces; protection for the environment,  and and what new infrastructure, such as roads, parking, and facilities will be needed.

The process of creating an NDP gives local people a say in the types of development that will take place in their community, and provides a guide for planning authorities and other relevant bodies on what the community sees as priorities. You can find out more about neighbourhood plans here

What area does it apply to?

The NDP has been commissioned by Mylor Parish Council., with a Steering Group to manage the process of compiling it. It covers the whole Parish of Mylor: the main two villages of Mylor Bridge and Flushing, also Mylor Churchtown, Little Falmouth, Tregew, Trelew, Restronguet Weir, Restronguet Passage, Perran Foundry, Carclew, Angarrick and Trevissome, and all the surrounding areas within the parish boundaries (see map). You can see information about the designated area on the Cornwall Council website here.

Why is it important to me?

It is important because it will help shape the future of our communities in the area covered by the NDP. It will help planning authorities make decisions about housing and facilities, and ensure that new developments are in line with the community’s vision for the future.

Why is it called the Mylor Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan?

We called it ‘Mylor and Flushing’ to start with because it was important for everyone in the Parish to feel included. More recently, in 2015, there was the Mylor Parish Plan and we wanted to avoid confusion with that. The older Mylor Parish Plan has no ‘teeth’ when it comes to planning; it is purely aspirational, but many of those wishes have given us a useful starting point for the NDP, and will be reflected in the final Plan. We are now using the full name, Mylor Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan, as the process nears completion.

How can I find out what is happening?

You can sign up to the mailing list here. Also, keep an eye on this website, our Facebook page,  and our regular updates in The Magazine.

How can I give my views as the plan develops?

The full draft Plan is finished now and you can give your comments in the final public consultation which closes at midnight on 11 September. Nothing will change while the consultation is in progress but the comments received will all be recorded and considered by the Parish Council when it has closed. Adjustments will be made to the final Plan as necessary, so it reflects the community’s views.

When will it be finalized?

Once we have fed all comments received in the consultation into the final Plan it will go to an independent examiner, then to the community for a referendum. If passed, it will become the first level of planning law.

Do I have to be an adult to contribute?

Our mass survey in spring 2018 was completed by residents over the age of 16. We have spoken to people of all ages since autumn 2017 and we have been very keen to hear from young adults and families, especially those in need of affordable housing in the Parish. Many have fed into our research.

Where can I read the results of the main survey?

The results of the mass survey can be read here. It’s a PDF document so you can print it out or read it on screen, as you wish. 817 people responded to the survey, giving us a high return of around 42%-45%. Since then we have run a further survey on local housing needs, which showed that 73% of respondents think there should be more affordable housing for local people.

In May 2019 we held a short survey to find out what people think about potential sites for affordable housing, and which sites they would prefer to preserve because of factors such as scenery and wildlife. Our blog contains articles that give insight into the results.

My views on planning have never been taken into account before. How is this different?

This is the first time we have come together to make a Neighbourhood Development Plan and we will make sure that as many views as possible are reflected in final decisions about the Plan. That means your views will be taken into account alongside others, so it is definitely worth having your say. If you took part in the original Mylor Parish Plan, your views have helped give us the starting point for this Plan which will eventually become law.

What stage is the Plan at now (September 2020)?

The NDP Steering Group has just completed the Regulation 14 Statutory Consultation on the full draft Plan. You can read our news about that here. All comments received will now be reviewed by the Parish Council. Once complete, the Plan goes to Cornwall Council and an external examiner. It will come back to the community for consultation one final time with a referendum in which the community can vote to accept or reject the Plan in its final form.

What difference will the NDP make to people who live and work in Mylor Parish?

Once it is made into law, the Plan gives planners and developers a clear message about what the community wants and what it does not want. For example, it is clear from research and surveys that the Parish does not need more new open-market houses. What it does need is affordable homes for local young and growing families. On this and other aspects of life such as amenities the local economy, traffic and parking, and the environment, the Plan provides the Parish Council with a Plan to implement so that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy our beautiful area as a place to live and work.

Who can I contact if I want more information?

You can read about the Plan on this website and use the contact page to get in touch with the Steering Group if you have questions. You can also contact the Parish Council.

If you have questions that need answering that are not covered in our FAQs, let us know and we will sort it for you. You can also let us know if you have any technical questions about using this  website. Contact the Web Team