Since 2017 the following volunteers have contributed to our topic group: Lyn Chapman, John Killick, Rachel Killick, Christopher Perkins, Celia Savage and Nicholas Trefusis. The current lead is John Killick.

Our task is to determine the main elements of the Parish economy by looking at:

  • Public sector employment e.g. council services, education
  • Private sector employment in SMEs, Micros and self employed, in all sectors
  • Third sector and voluntary work
  • Communications infrastructure supporting the working environment
  • Business and Marine infrastructure assets
  • Future economic development plans by employers
  • Employment commuting patterns in the Parish.

We want to make sure that we develop policies for the NDP to support the economic future of the Parish.

If you have a business based in the Parish, work in the Parish or commute to work outside the Parish, then you can help us plan the future. Your opinions, thoughts and ideas are important to us.

You can contact us here.

Our future, our plan


News updates from the business group listed below: