Our group members since 2017 have been: Jane Dibb, Jonathan Griffin, James Robinson (lead) and Dorrit Smith.

Housing, land use and the quality of buildings are at the heart of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. If we are to ensure that we retain the character of our communities and environment, while also serving the needs of current and future generations of residents, then we need to ensure that we provide the right number of houses, of the right type and quality, and in the right places.

As the parish is contained within an AONB, we have no externally-set housing target. This means we are in charge of our own destiny. As families grow, so demand increases. Our housing stock needs to grow to match this.

Development in Flushing

The task of the housing group is to work with the community to determine what new housing is needed and then to propose where this might best be sited.

So we need your views. What are the future needs of our communities? What should be our priorities? What do we want and what do we absolutely not want? Can we find sites which maintain the character of our villages and do not destroy important green space? Should we increase the density of the existing housing, go up or go out?

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Our future, our plan

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