Members of our group who have contributed since 2017: Jenny Adams, Heather Hall, David Pollard, Brian Michael, Jan Robson, Tim Brighton (lead) and Jill Quilliam (formerly lead).

How do you get around in the Parish?  What do you think of the local public transport? Perhaps you walk, cycle or maybe ride horses? Perhaps you drive a car but have also seen the massive increase in traffic in the villages? How accessible are our communities for those with a disability?

The Transport group are looking at all these issues and want to determine just what is needed in the future. The speed of some traffic through the villages and the need for maintained footpaths and bridleways all come under the remit of our group and will form another important part of the the plan for our future.

Do you have an opinion? Join our group and help us develop a plan for the future that is safe and enjoyable for all.

Our future, our plan


News updates from the Transport group listed below: