NDP Regulation 14 Statutory Public Consultation documents

The consultation has now closed (midnight 11 September 2020), but the NDP Draft Plan, appendices and supporting documents are available to read here for information and reference.

You download them from the links below.


Appendix A Housing Development Preferences

Appendix B Landscape Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix C Housing Statement

Appendix D Design Guide

The following are Evidence Base (EB) Chapters referred to frequently in the Mylor NDP Main Document

These are provided as additional background information as part of the evidence base.  These documents are not for comment..

EB02 Consultation statement. The consultation statement will be completed after the statutory consultation has finished. It will include a record of all community engagement during the process of designing the Plan, showing how the public have contributed, for example through surveys. When complete it will include a record of all comments received in the consultation to 11 September, and any consequent adjustments the Parish Council may make to the Plan.’

       EB03 HRA and SEA Screening Report Mylor Feb 2020

EB04 Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA)

EB05 Wildlife Habitats and Biodiversity Assessment

EB06 Historic Built Environment Report

EB07 Climate Change and Flood Risk Report

EB12 Housing Sites Survey Analysis

As the public consultation is now ended, no further comments can be included.