Selection of Draft NDP Documents

Draft NDP documents from July 2019 have been removed as some of the statements in them have already been significantly changed.

A full set of up to date papers will be available here for the 6-week consultation later in the autumn.

If you wish to comment on any aspect of the plan, you can add a public comment below or send your comments to us privately by using the contact form on our contact page.


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  1. I am keen to see the issues around climate change being addressed and hope that the documents will provide actions to reflect the emergency situation we are now in. To play our part in addressing this major issue we need to understand what we as a community can do to cut our carbon emissions as well as what individuals and householders can do.

    Do we have a plan for resilience and local benefits from reducing carbon, insulating our homes and earning local income from local wind and solar to help our economy and reduce climate changing emissions?

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