The creation of our Plan has been steered by a number of local volunteers working in five topic groups, (Business, Education and Community Facilities, Environment, Housing, Transport plus a Communications group to run our consultations). Our Steering Group has been led by David Lansdowne (Parish Councillor and Steering Group chair) and project advisor Michael Brougham, supported by Pat Willmore (secretary and treasurer).

Thank you for telling us what you want – we have been listening

Together we have been looking into all the areas needed to develop the plan. Since late 2017 we have been running exhibitions, presentations and surveys in the Parish and we have listened to all your comments. We have done our best to ensure that everyone can take part, whether online or on paper, or face to face. Regular updates have been provided in The Magazine and on social media.

The community’s opinions and comments have been fed back to the working topic groups to enable them to develop the policies in the Plan, and to make sure the Plan as a whole reflects what local people have asked for. Everything in the Plan is based on the views and opinions you have expressed.

We have now finished the Regulation 14 Statutory consultation on the Full Draft Plan. This ran from 13 July to 11 September 2020. We received 828 responses and 149 comments, many of them detailed. All comments will now be considered by the Parish Council.

The NDP Plan Documents

The Plan and associated documents are available for information and reference. You can read them here.

Eventually, these will be replaced by the final Plan, amended in line with the community’s comments received and reviewed by the Parish Council. The final version will be submitted to  Cornwall Council and reviewed by an external examiner, before coming back to the community for a final referendum.

On Friday 4 May 2018, we published the results of the mass survey. You can read them here, in a PDF document that summarises the findings. It may take a moment to load but you can read it on screen or print your own copy.