Our group members have been: Beccy Brougham-Childs, Dorinda Charnaud, Kate Griffin, Sophie McGannity (lead), Pen Polglase, and Servane Trefusis.

We call ourselves the ‘super group’; a combination of education and community facilities, the places and organisations that make the Parish a vibrant, attractive place to live for people of all ages.

An important part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan relates to the community facilities for those living here. We all know of villages in Cornwall where many of the homes are not lived in full time, where shops and pubs struggle to attract enough business, schools close and the communities dwindle. Mylor and Flushing are lively  communities all year round, and our facilities need to preserved and enhanced to support us in the future.

We are looking at existing facilities – retail, health and wellbeing, cultural, leisure and green spaces to see how these fit with residents’ present requirements and what may be needed in the future.

As for education, we are looking at what may be needed in the future as our population changes. This covers everything from schools and college access, to adult learning, clubs and societies.

As communities change and develop, support is needed in all forms of learning and education and it covers all age groups.  It’s a part of what what makes a community.  What do we need to take our communities into the future? Are there enough places in our schools?  Can local businesses find the skills they need within the community or do they have to look elsewhere?

You can help us by signing up for the online survey and sending us your comments.

Our future, our plan.

News updates from the community facilities group listed below: