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New Affordable Homes: How are we getting on?  — 3 Comments

  1. I accept what you say, of course.

    You are only doing your best in extremely difficult circumstances.

    And I appreciate that I only got involved in October but I think at least one of you should step back and allow at least one person from Flushing to join the Group.

    I know there was Guy Dodd and others from Flushing could have volunteered earlier rather than leave your Group to do all the work.

    But we do not want the villages falling out.

    Some of you are, quite understandably, really quite tired and fed up, what about accepting some fresh blood?

    • Hi Fiona, your comments are spot on as usual and you raise a good point. In fact there is already a space on the team and we have been trying to bring on board someone from Flushing to re-balance the team. We offered a short workshop to bring a couple of potential candidates up to speed, but they seem to have been dissuaded by some of the misinformation which is being circulated at the moment. We will keep on trying and anyone interested is welcome to contact us! As regards any of us stepping back, each person remaining on the team is working hard in their own areas of expertise to finalise the response to the Reg 14 comments – work which we hope very soon to complete.

  2. Well, you have made a point about working to rules. We all need to work to the rules. So, anyone well motivated should be able to do it if you help them.