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Where should we be expanding? — 2 Comments

  1. I believe more affordable housing is needed within Flushing Village, Little Flushing being the ideal area for this … accessibility to the local junior school, village shop, village hall, and bus services etc. There is no other place within Flushing that could offer this, due to lack of parking space, accessibility through the village (particularly bad enough now for the emergency service vehicles that are constantly being blocked).

    Re: Methodist Church on Kersey Road. I have already emailed my comments regarding this building’s future use. This church was a school for the villagers of Flushing, who have now grown up and most of them stayed in the village as elderly residents. This building would be ideal as the change of use to be An Assisted Living Retirement Flatlets (approx 4) with a live in Warden. No parking would be required on site, whereas if the building were to be renovated into a home/business then several parking spaces would be needed. Our hospitals and care homes are overrun, and understaffed. This project would be the foundation of caring for our elderly citizens within our community, until such times as they would need more medical care.

    Parking within the Village: A female fire officer from Falmouth only a couple of months ago commented to me regarding the severity of the parking in the village, and how it was literally a time bomb waiting to happen that they could not get to an emergency on time due to the over parking within the village. I don’t believe that there is enough guidance to the holiday rentals as to where to park exactly when they come to the village (I know that from experience when we first stayed here in Flushing in our 4×4 which we have since sold as we realised it was just too big). If there was a dedicated car parking area for holiday rentals (before coming into the village to avoid further congestion), this would ease the weight of cars within the village and congestion too.

  2. Three excellent points Carolyn. An extension to Tregew Meadows was one of the options looked at by Cornwall Council and it remains on the agenda as a possibility. The existing development is well tucked-in behind the boatyard. Do you think an extension would be so discreet, and how can we stop a sprawl across what is actually a rather lovely valley, up to Trevissome?

    The Methodist church does look like a prime candidate as a single stand-alone site but, as the notice on it says, as a charity it is required to sell to the highest bidder. Sad to say, if it is bought by a developer they would be able to put up to five smart open-market houses (more likely flats, I would have thought) and we could not stop them. I am not sure what the existing garage owners would say but no doubt a ‘pecuniary inducement’ (aka a bribe) might persuade them to move out.

    And then there is the parking. ‘Amen’ to that (although as the Housing lead, I should not really comment on Transport issues). How could we enforce it?

    More pejoratively: can you really see the holiday home people parking at the other end of the village and walking? We maybe talking townies who would regard fresh air as a dangerous interlude between their cottage and the pub/restaurant/boat, and anyway, they have probably lost the use of their legs or cannot cope with the ‘dry’ Cornish weather. ‘We absolutely must have the SUV outside the house, Dahling!’