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How can the Mylor NDP help combat climate change? — 4 Comments

  1. This is an impressive report. Here are a few initial thoughts.

    Yes’ to everything. We need to tackle all these areas and as a community we should be able to achieve more than by acting separately as individuals.

    ‘How?’ may need further thought. But while the changes needed are not likely to come about overnight, it is vital that we make a start. Perhaps further work could be undertaken on ways and means, costs and cost benefits–and more detail on what can be achieved by working as a community. Might working groups be set up to research the pros and cons of possible schemes?

    Re heat pumps, solar and wind, it would be useful to know what cost savings could be made on both equipment and running costs if a section of a community, or a group of neighbours, gets together to invest in equipment, and on the running costs. And, as not everybody might want to be involved right away, how an expanding or rolling programme might work.

    On transport, while car usage in the village is high for obvious reasons, public transport is part of the problem, not only because the buses run on fossil fuels. If villages like Mylor and Flushing were served by a better service then more people would be likely to hop on a the bus rather than driving. But how environmentally-friendly could a new generation of buses be, and could the bus company be involved?

    It seems that a body will be needed to do the detailed research work needed, but where there is a will there is a way. The Parish Council would probably need some degree of involvement, being well-placed to engage with the public, alongside a group or groups with a mission to research and provide more detail on ways forward. Perhaps the NDP team could form a basis at least to start with, and be entrusted with consulting and involving professionals and businesses as necessary and appropriate. Then a public liaison team would probably be needed so that good projects get off the ground.

    These are simply initial thoughts but I hope they are helful.

  2. Excellent article, Charmian. With Cornwall Council declaring a Climate Emergency and several other local councils following suit such action is increasingly urgent.

    Please see upcoming Conference at Tremough on Sat 9th March 10am – 17:30 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conference-climate-change-and-neighbourhood-planning-tickets-55071130233

    From the description: “Many local councils are working on Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs); others have not started or have plans already adopted. Cornwall Council has declared a climate emergency, and a recent scientific report requires us all to do our part into halving our climate changing emissions by 2030. If we do this, the future in Cornwall could be much brighter for our children and grandchildren.

    Parish and Town Councils have always played a crucial role in helping their local populations to adapt in changing times. Now is the time for developing and working within NDPs in ambitious ways which help increase local renewable energy and provide more local resilience in the face of external threats. Come to the conference to find out how to do this and what the Government and Cornwall Council suggest we do in NDP development to help in climate change action.”

    Hope to see several others involved in this NDP there!

  3. Apparently there is a motion before Mylor Parish Council this coming Monday (7pm in Flushing, Mon 25th Feb) to follow Cornwall, Falmouth, Penryn (and other local?) councils in declaring a Climate Emergency. The agenda is not currently published on Mylor PC website at http://www.parish-council.com/mylor/ but PC Chair has confirmed that it is tabled for discussion.

    Cornwall Council overwhelmingly supported such a motion in January.

    See https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/climate-emergency-declared-cornwall-councillors-2457897

    Three of us on the NDP Environment group met this morning and we all agreed that our Parish Council passing this motion would be immensely helpful in giving the environmental policies of the NDP local backing, and also showing a willingness to take Climate issues seriously for the sake of present and future generations!

    Hoping others will also take the time to contact Mylor PC via http://www.parish-council.com/mylor/ expressing support for this motion, and ask those on your networks to do so too!